What started out as cross-continental emails between Kate and Michelle is now a children's book to inspire families everywhere to advocate for animals facing extinction!  


Let's Go on Safari! is supported by the Jane Goodall Institute, and endorsed by Angela Sheldrick, CEO of The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Brian Sheth, Board Chair of Global Wildlife Conservation.  


Kate Gilman Williams and Michelle Campbell are donating all sales from their book to these three leading international organizations who work to protect animals, fight poaching, and promote youth activism.  Sales will be donated to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (33%), the Jane Goodall Institute (33%), and Global Wildlife Conservation (33%).  

"Instilling a respect for and love of wildlife within our youth is key to ensuring the survival of earth's most treasured species.  Kate's clever book takes children on a journey, introducing readers to Africa's animals in such a way that one cannot help but fall in love with them and want to play a role in securing their future."

-Angela Sheldrick, CEO, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


"Kate is an impressive eight-year-old who is encouraging her generation to stop poaching, which gives me hope for the future of endangered wildlife across Africa and the world.  She possesses the commitment, compassion, and will to act that inspires us."

-Brian Sheth, Chair, Global Wildlife Conservation 


Learn more about these organizations that are making a difference in the lives of animals!

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