Together Kate Gilman Williams and Michelle Campbell wrote “Let’s Go On Safari!” to inspire an entire generation to advocate for animals facing extinction!

Kate Gilman Williams wrote this book when she was 8 years old.


A trip she took to South Africa – and the friendship that developed with her safari guide, Michelle Campbell - inspired her to write Let’s Go On Safari! Upon learning about the threats facing wildlife, Kate came home determined to do something to help the animals who were being harmed by humans - and she knew her generation could help.

Kate is now 11 years old and in fifth grade at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. Her favorite subjects are writing and art. She also enjoys acting and playing volleyball.

Meet Kate

Michelle Campbell was born in South Africa and lived in five different countries growing up. She fell in love with the bush at age seven when her family took her on safari. She never forgot that experience and years later, whilst working as an economist, she decided to follow her dream to become a safari guide. 

Meet Michelle

Her favourite thing about guiding is being in the bush and learning new things about wildlife, and sharing that with families! She thinks that the more you know about animals, the more fascinating they are! She gets excited by hearing the whoop of a hyena, roar of a lion, or that deep rumble from an elephant!


She left her job as a guide and moved into her Land Rover. That’s right – she lived out of a truck! For 393 days, she travelled the continent of Africa volunteering for wildlife projects, from anti-poaching, conservation education, to wildlife rehabilitation. She wanted to learn as much as possible about what different people were doing to help save animals and most importantly, how she could make an impact. 


Today, Michelle works with families all around the world, connecting them with hands-on conservation experiences in Africa. You too can go on an exciting adventure with Michelle.  Find out how by visiting  Join Michelle in rolling up your sleeves and helping to save animals! 


This book is written by a kid, edited by kids, and has an all-kid marketing team.  It's proof that advocacy has no age limits!

Meet Magdalene

Magdalene is 11 years old and from Malibu, California.  In August 2018, her family moved to Austin, Texas where she met Kate.  Magdalene is in 5th grade.  When she is not designing logos and creating all of the merchandise for "Kids Can Save Animals," she enjoys being active!  She likes to play volleyball, and she enjoys any sport that allows her to be up high - like aerial acrobats and rock climbing.  When she is in California, she enjoys surfing and any activity that allows her to be in the water!  Magdalene is excited to be lending her talents to helping her generation learn that Advocacy Has No Age Limit!

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Thank you to Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas for hosting the all-kid editing panel.

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