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Meet 10-year-old author Kate!

Quarters For Koalas!

As the new year started, fires raged in Australia, burning through most of the continent and killing 1 billion animals...leaving many kangaroos and koalas homeless. Kate launched Quarters for Koalas at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas by encouraging her fellow classmates to donate quarters. The money raised will support The Adelaide Koala Rescue (AKR)​ in Adelaide, Australia. Kate's presentation has everything you need to start a Quarters for Koalas Campaign at your school!  DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION!  This presentation can help you get your friends and classmates excited about saving koalas!  Thank you for being an animal advocate, and remember - advocacy has no age limit™!

View the video to see how kids can save koalas!

"When Kate asked me if I would support her 'Quarters For Koalas' Campaign, my answer was simple - YES! The news of 1 billion animals dying in the bushfires of Australia is sad for any animal lover to hear.  Kate  took it upon herself to think of a way that her generation can take action.  I hope children and teens all over will be inspired to take action and collect quarters for koalas."

--Debra Messing

 Students at trinity episcopal school raised $4,671.40 for koalas in one week!

Quarter For Koalas makes the news!

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Kate is proud to be recognized as a Daily Points Of Light Award Winner, established by the late President George H.W. Bush.  

Click here to read all about it!

Kate and Michelle are thrilled that their book is now sold in Africa and available WORLD WIDE with Penguin Random House!  

Kate is the youngest author in history to sign two publishing contracts resulting in a global title release!

Thank you, DEBRA MESSING, for endorsing my book and believing kids can save animals!

Kate and Michelle wrote Let's Go on Safari!

What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide, while on safari in South Africa? The girls turn their adventures into a book encouraging a young generation to advocate for animals! Let's Go on Safari! invites children and families to hop in a truck, experience the thrill of a safari, and discover how they can become an animal advocate.

Kate and Michelle were honored to participate in Sara Wilson's global anti-poaching campaign called #fashionsaysno.  Sara is a world-renowned photographer who uses her art to save animals!

Check out Fashion Says No here.

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Watch how Kate thanks Ryan for helping her find a publisher!

Kate donated copies of “Let’s Go On Safari!” to literacy initiatives of the Clinton Foundation!

Learn More!

Let's Go On Safari! Has Launched!

Check out all of the media buzz generated by this child-led movement and see highlights from the launch!

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Every time a kid buys “Let’s Go On Safari” sales directly support conservation! In 6 months of sales, Kate raised over $12,000 for:

- The Jane Goodall Institute

- The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

- Global Wildlife Conservation